shoe shops - melbourne

hey everyone

i’ve done a search for shoes on here but 98% are about riding shoes. i just wanna know of a few good shops to buy shoes from in melbourne. i currently have a pair of tigers that i paid way too much for at some shop on swanston street.

i’d be keen for another pair of tigers/vans/skate shoe (not chunky though) that will fit into my cages and still be comfy when i get to work.

haven’t been in melbourne that long and i rarely go ‘shopping’ so not sure where to look.

rather not buy online as i like to try on shoes before i buy em.

cheers, hope i’m not rehashing old ground…


Hype, Platypus, The Lab (is that still open?), The Nike outlet shop on Smith St, the skate shop across the road, etc.

Fast Times skateboarding on Swanston Street - all the usual skateboard shoe companies with the highlight being Nike SB.
The Vans Store at Melbourne Central - Vans, obviously.
The Sure Store in Manchester Lane - Alife, Vans, Pointer etc.

I use and recommend campers like these for this

Bit pricey but at this time of year you can often get last years 1/2 price. There is a store in GPO

They’re not stiff but super comfy.

The suede seem to last better than the leather

I wear a black pair of these for work. Super comfy, but they seem a bit wide for fitting in cages. Mind you, I’ve never tried riding in mine…

(actually, these shoes are all kinda naff… i just wanted to make a point)

The model from about 3 or 4 years ago were better as the sole didn’t stick out from the shoe (if that makes sense)

Mine have just popped a sole so I need to see if shoe goo will stick otherwise we’ll see if I can get the new versions in to my cages

The other plus is they don’t have laces which is good because I can’t tie knots

Provider always have good shoes: I don’t believe they sell Tigers, but there’s plenty of other stuff to try on.

There’s another boutique at the top end of Flinders Lane (I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called, if I do I’ll let you know), which I’ve bought a couple of pairs of shoes from, they sell Tigers, Bape, and a couple of other nice shoes, I’m pretty sure they also do Jhung Yuro shoes as well.

As Jolan pointed out, there are plenty of shops like Hype, Glue and Platypus around. Hype have a lot of everything, including Tigers, Vans, Converse and Alife, and Glue is pretty similar (usually found near a Hype), just with clothes (sometimes they’re cheaper though), and Platypus, from memory do brands like DC, Diesel, Vans etc.

adidas super stars $85 at the adidas outlet on smith,
best riding/doing stuff shoes ever super comfy and super stiff

if you dont believe me ask heatseeker he loves em to, and he works in a shoe store right??

and Brendan if you want nice decent shoes to ride in that are vegan just go macbeths

If you’ve got a hot single sister around my age come and see me and I’ll give you a discount on Tigers/Nikes/Macbeths/Adidas/Puma/Converse/Vans.

Try this:

someone was saying over the weekend that they are no longer vegan friendly.
any truth to this?

it depends on the shoe to the extent of my knowledge they have a vegan range and some others that are not vegan


Call RLP Distribution for more information.
02 9905 7761 ext 1

i’ve owned macbeths in the past, and intend to again in the future. take some breaking in, but pretty sweet thereafter.

Thanks for the confirmation.

I eat animals ( :wink:) but love Macbeths. These are currently on my feet:

can i haz these?

There is a cool skate shop on chapel st just before High St on the east side of the road, forgot the name but they have 25% off everything at the moment, i got 2 shirts, 1 pair of Vans and a belt for like $150 yesterday.

Also you can get vans off ebay for about half the price that they are in the shops and shit loads more styles.

Do you have a sister?