Shooting Cyclists!!!

Evening all,

My girlfriend is studying photography at RMIT, and needs to do some “enviromental portraits” for one of her subjects. She’s asked me (in Sydney) if I could ask the good folk racing at DISC (on a Tuesday night is it?) or elsewhere if she could come out, say hello and getting snapping.

Most of the shots probably won’t be of you riding, mainly of you with your gear, setting up etc, and of course the locale/club would get a full edited copy of all photo’s taken.

Any help would be great, and I’ll be down in Melbourne this weekend so we might even go looking around for some cool places to shoot. Even if theres any quirky bike shops etc let us know.

Much appreciated,

EV :smiley:

We’ll all be there Sunday from 8am and things get rolling on Tuesdays from about 6pm.

I’m sure I can vouch for the greater majority, you’re more than welcome.

See you there.


Hey Lats, that’d be great, we’ll do our best to make it there Sunday ,if not she’ll probably come on a Tuesday evening.

Have you got some directions for me, I live in Syd and will only be down this weekend, It’s in Brunswick right?

Cheers Ev.

You’ll find it here Ev. Gee, I might even try and make it down with one of my poseur bikes! :wink:

I’m quite relieved that the contents of this thread was not about vigilante motorists…

I’d love to see the final photos if possible.

Yeah come down Sunday morning! I wont be there so don’t have to worry about someone taking photos! I don’t think anyone will have any real issues with it, but maybe run it past Joe before starting to take photos (He is the guy with the blue BT bike)

I am going to miss my Sunday morning’s at DISC, I sure hope the arvo track skills sessions will be worth it! Joe told me not to do both and cos he is running both I should listen to what he says… But I do get to sleep in one day a week past 7am - OMG!!

Best not dust that poseur bike off just yet!! We probably wont make it on Sunday, heading out to HighVibe’s Music festival, but “my much better half” is uber keen to make it there for a night training/racing session.

And certainly, will do best to get many a pic up on here once they’re done.


…with DISC being a paltry 2 minutes away, down-hill even!

But HighVibes is probably better for fix spotting, it was last year.

Yes, I have to say with a cloudy head, that high-vibes was awesome, and many a fixxie floating around too! Man, who kept buying me drinks… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

i saw a white track fixed being pushed through the crowd. and i saw a couple of fixeds chaind to streetsigns. that was it though.
it was a great day.

Hey ev

what’s your girlfriend’s name? what year is she in? i finish up that course in about three weeks. there’s another fixie rider there as well. tell her to come find me, i work in a rental studio - i’ll hook her up some good stuff for cheap.