Shop Closing

Some of you know Caren and Liz at Startline Cycle Fashion, 232 Esplanade Brighton, 9591 0313, opposite the yacht club. After however many years in the bike and bike-related trade they’re pulling the pin on 28 feb to go and do other things.

Everything must go, incl all stock, shop fittings, even the air conditioner, couch & microwave.

[li]Clothing from Episode, Descente, Santini & Pearl Izumi; [/li]Some BONT road shoes left;
Various Limar & Lazer helmets;
Vittoria and Schwalbe tyres & tubes;
Various creams and oils (if you like that sort of thing - “Perkins Oil” is the duck’s guts on those cold winter mornings and I highly recommend the German “Sixtus” brand arse cream);
Various accessories incl lights, pumps, bags & stuff, Prolink chain lube


Arse cream… You recommend it… sounds interesting :expressionless:

Yes, it’s creamy.

On a more serious note. Is it a chafe cream? I don’t wear nicks and I’m getting sick of the chafing on my boys. Good stuff eh?

Just use Body Glide you can get from Rebel sports and I guess most bike shops.

I used to on 2 half marathons and a few triathlons and it worked great.

It’s Chamois cream. It’s actually called “Gessasse Cream”. It’s quite good. I also use Brauer Nappy Rash cream from priceline, it has soothing herbs in it.

Body Glide gives me an itch, and not in a nice way.

I Scream, You Scream, we all scream for ASS CREAM!