Shop Dudes/Dudette RE: Sourcing 6mm Canti Studs

Hey Guys,

I need to get my hands on a set of 6mm Canti Studs ASAP for a set of Python Forks made by Ridley (I work in a LBS in Melbourne)

I thought I’d be able to order some Wheels Manufacturing ones as they seem to have everything you ever seem to need in odds and ends… but to no avail.
I don’t want to call Pac Brands either.

If anyone knows of a supplier that I have overlooked, can you please help me out and let me know?

Failing that, if anyone has any at home/work I’d love to take a pair off your hands.

Muchly Appreciated!


Haven’t Pac Brands just sold their bike business?

If so, I’m assuming it is somewhat involved with BikeHub, would still prefer to use a common supplier than go through them.

Is 6mm the thread size that is going in to to the fork if so old MTB shops may have something that will work. Some shops I have worked in have tackle box’s full of canti studs when people have swapped to disc from v’s on forks.

Thanks Slinky,
Yep, it is a 6mm thread into the fork unlike the more common 8mm.

I have a dozen or so. PM or call into the shop on Tuesday.


fantastic, thanks mate! will PM