Shopping Canberra for Beginners

I’m looking to take the fiance interstate for b’day and was looking ar canberra as I’m from the UK and never been there and was wondering if anyone could give me the lowdown on shopping and cheap good food.

Looking at clothing (she loves her Air Max’s), comics, books and somewhere to pickup some graffiti supplies (markers and paint, pref Montana).

Any info would be really appreciated

I’m going to break this up in to sections for you to try and help out.

Graffiti supplies
No where really exists anymore, there used to be a shop called ‘Writers Block’ tucked away in one of the suburbs in Canberra. Sorry, can’t help you out here.

Impact comics is probably the best place to go for Canberra and is right in the middle of the Canberra CBD. This used to be part of a massive music shop which JB Hifi have now taken over, the website for the shop is here: Impact Comics!

This used to be next door to one of canberra best cinemas which closed down years ago. It has now moved to Braddon.

Shoes + Clothing
I am not really up to speed with what is happening with clothing in Canberra as I get mine online. You can head up to Braddon (short 5 minute walk) to the Skate/Snow/Surf shop Adrenalin Plus. I know they stock nike SB’s… but I did get word that they would be closing up shop soonish. There is another shop called Shifty’s upstairs in Garema place, although I am not sure if this is still around.

Umm… Ty would be the best person I would think for this but he is in Japan at the moment.
Just a few quick places in and around the city that I can think of would be Gus’ cafe, Cafe Essen, Dobinsons. If you can get in to Kingston there is a range of cafes there. Manuka there is nothing worth mentioning as I work there and take lunch in every day. Dickson has a range of asian eat joints.

When are you coming over?

Dickson Asian Noodle House for Legendary Laksas.

Silo bakery in Kingston for very good bread, pastries. Excellent cheese room as well.

Both of these places keep me coming back to Canberra.

the montana distributer is in canberra so, there must be a shop somewhere?
this is whats on their website,
Montana Cans (Australia) // Canberra
saman (at)
Ph: +61-26-1611972

not sure if thats helps you or not

Oh wait, I think I know who that is and is only 2 doors down from me… One of my mates used to buy paint from him. If you give that dude a call and he is in Manuka and owns/runs a rug business, thats the dude.

They are Awesome, but try the Civic Asian Noodle House, their laksas are even better!

Another thing… bring your bikes. Canberra is PERFECT to get around and explore. Most of the suburbs have their own little shopping centre with awesome cafe’s, especially around the inner city suburbs. Then there is always the ride around the lake where you can drop in to Gallery’s and Museums… some good, some average. But the lake on a good day is fkn beautiful.

That’s outrageous! I wish I’d known this earlier

i got food poisoning from Silo last year whilst visiting the lady (who moves back to melbourne in a month!!). we normally go to Urban Pantry… think that’s it, in Manuka?

as for the laksa’s, Dickson Asian Noodle House if the fucking business!! never been to the one in Civic though…

Urban Pantry can go eat a dick. Rudest people I have come across.

If you are in Manuka, get in your car and head over to Griffith Shops where you will find Mountain Creek Whole Foods. It’s a bit of a hippy joint, but right down the back they have an open sort of kitchen with awesome wraps and vegetable lasagna.
Mountain Creek Whole Foods Canberra

pfft to the noodle house laksa’a, Au Lac is the go, and as for other foods, ill agree with mountain foods, but if you are over dickson side, My Rainbow Dreams is a great little spot to much on some goodies, id recommend the tofu burger, or if early enough the breakfast of scambled tofu is superb

think my girlfriend used to get her coffee there each morning (she now owns an aeropress and loves it), so maybe they were nice to us due to that. haven’t had any experience of this rudeness you speak of…

Hell yeah!