shoter gent / gf / wife ride

I guess if you bought this for your lady you’d have a life of buying whatever bike took you fancy

Richard Sachs Fillet Brazed aero bike 53cm Dura Ace AX - eBay (item 280531370647 end time Jul-14-10 11:06:21 PDT)

its seriously wonderful


An e-Ritchie is pretty high on my ‘want to own’ list. Road or CX.

Wow, that’s very rare as Richie’s bikes are almost always lugged. Early one too.

Fwiw … I know of the seller and he’s a good egg. Shipping from the US is tricky but I have a few old mates in NYC who I can lean on to hold the bike if someone wants to pick it up in a few months time.

Also, is TCvnt still in NY?

/// that bike is not my scene … cool, but my vision of a Sachs would look a lot different to that one

/////// heheh … blakey said e-RiTchie
(shakes head … clearly the kid’s excited and hasn’t slept enough after last nights TdF)

TC’s back in Melburn.

Whoops, I was looking at JPs Ritchey’s and had it on the brain.

that’s pretty sweet