Should I be worried - Frame crack at seat post insertion point

Noticed this on my roadie today…

Binder bolt has always been tightened to a torque wrench… 6nm if memory serves? It’s a shitty design.

Should I be worried? Frame is Alu (dedacciai 7003 or 7005).

Post is also inserted at least 100mm into the frame.

That is bad ju ju

Time for a repair @gripsport in Melbourne or replacement


I got the frame ‘nos’ :frowning: Only had it 18 months…

Not sure it’s worth a repair. Disappointing.

Presuming the seat post is the right diameter, you don’t have a triathlon post that puts your body weight way forward of the seat post line, and you haven’t crashed it, I’d be trying a warranty claim.

This is the rig, where i noticed it this morning. It’s the correct post size, my saddle is reasonably forward i guess. Won’t be able to get warranty as is was bought NOS second hand. I guess i could email Ciocc AU…

Gotta be worth a try. It would be interesting to take the post out and see how far down the seat tube is sleeved for the post- a spare spoke would be a good tool.

This could be your chance to get a frame that fits proper :wink:

Ciocc will probably tell to go away. I don’t blame them either, it’s an old bike that you didn’t buy new from them, ‘NOS’ or not, they have no reason to do anything.

would not ride

if you get warranty on that i would be shocked

easy & probably fairly cheap repair for gripsport in melbs

Bummer, I sold this to Henry on behalf of a mate that worked for the importer, he owned it new for years but technically it’s second hand and I can’t see that being under warranty, one thing that wouldn’t help it is that much post out, it becomes a bigger lever and puts more pressure on the tube.
Sorry mate that’s a bummer but like hmc said I think you could go up a couple of frame sizes

Sorry to see this HLC, but fuck that’s a nice slammed setup!

Sorry to say bro but the frame looks toast and may not be worth repair (you’d have to decide). Count is as lucky that you found it before bad anything happened. I do have to say that it’s quite a crude design and given the material perhaps destined to fail.

There’s always other frames … we only have one set of teeth :wink: