Should I buy this


Have been offered this what do you guys think…

From Portugal

For Around $500 landed here in Brissy

Not if you want to run it fixed.

No wasn’t going to run it fixed…

Yes indeed!

buy everything you can while you still live!

Go for it then!

Yes, build it up geared with rizzzzzorz.

BIG rizors

Make your own decisions? I dunno.

This dude looks rad though

That looks super small…

this one is 55

Are they 700c wheels? That dude is MASSIVE.


they look like 24" or 650 or something, or that is the biggest guy ever.

That sir, is pretty much the best life philosophy I have ever heard…


sounds to good to be true.

They’d have to be something tiny. Look at his shoes and cranks compared to the size of the wheels.

or he’s some sort of ogre

Buy it :smiley: