Should I get Paconi to paint my frame?

Hi There,

Looking to get a metallic black paint job for a mid 80’s Pog track frame I have. Spoke to Paconi and they quoted me $374 for a frame only metallic paint job. Is this a fair price? Where else should I be looking? Also they suggested Prahran platers to have teh fork re-chromed, anyone heard of tehse guys?

Thanks in advance.

paconi do good work, i reckon that sound pretty reasonable.

Thanks HMC, now to start selling shit to fund this build!

Is the Pog original paint?

Nope, it’s a shitty blue, and I want an all black/chrome bike. I like black bikes.

Paint away then! Pog decals?

Sounds like it.
If you like the frame enough, do it. Otherwise sell it and buy a different frame in better condition. Or shudder, powdercoat it.

I just used both Prahran Platers and Paconi to do up Amelia’s Colnago. Lets have a chat at track on Tuesday if you’re racing, aboutmy experience.

Pete Fleming (i.e. Star Enamellers in Sydney) does an excellent job, couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Amazing attention to detail.

A frame is typically around $250-350 depending on the details. He will arrange the sandblasting (plastic beads) so that it’s done immediately before paint goes on. The wait can sometimes be as long as 6 months, but I’ve just had a frame painted in 5 weeks. He has a very cheap courier service that he uses regularly, not sure if it’s interstate though. Might be worth a try.

Price seems ok, I reckon you could do it for around 250, single colour metallic

I’ll do it for $200

Good price and I have three bikes they painted and all jobs