Should I paint my bike?

I’ve been thinking about re-painting this bike for the last few days. At the moment is currently black and not very exciting.

I’ve got some new Europa decals lined up and a new Columbus sticker on it’s way…

I’m thinking of a two colour blend similar to this

Am I crazy?

paint it blacker.

bright yellow. dont see many yellow bikes around.

A guy I regulary ride with rides a bright yellow Hoffy track bike.

Except for the 09 Schwinn Madison

hmm. well that seems to have fallen through. still. not as many. go the yellow.

I see too many yellow bikes. I hate yellow.

A lady I don’t like at work rides a bright, bright yellow Scott bike.

And for some reason it’s parked in her team leaders office, while mine is locked up out the back of work.

I hate her more now.

fine. not yellow.



if you dont like it you can give it to me

Yep, Adam.

Whats the best place to get a frame painted?

and how much?

What type of paint job?

If you want a powdercoat…search the forum

Make it raw?