Should I paint or should I not?

I bought this frame to start making a cheapish single speed, I was going to paint it but have been told by some people not too whats your op?


this is a completely opinionated thing… but for me… i would keep the original paint, as it shows its original form rather than applying a boring flat colour to it… i think that paint looks sweet too

I wouldn’t. But its up to you. Your frame, your money, your decision.

Any really rusty bits?

  • 1 … it’s only original once

ao many generic powder coated steeds going around these days…

I would definitely keep that, its anything if its not unique!

If you want a frame that’s sprayed and looks like every other frame out there, buy another frame. This is ace.

I don’t think you’d see many (if any) Hollands like that around too often. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with my own eyes. Keep it as it is :slight_smile:

Just treat any rusty bits, then do a clear coat or something over the top. Thats all I’d do…

yep, what everyone else said. there’s some nice original details there that’d be a shame to replace with a more generic look.

and its also cheaper and easier.

Do not paint! If you want a single colour, boring, zero character frame then get a repco and spray it.

Are you kidding?!?!? Leave it how it is!!

maybe even less … cut it back with some auto polish, then wax it or even Mr. Sheen. Works fine and you won’t risk the paint getting damaged as can happen with some clears over older style enamel.

Yep. Having said that, has anyone got a headset that will fit one of those frames? I know where one is, but I left it cause i couldnt get a headset for it…

Be very careful cutting it back with a car polish. That stuff can ‘cut’ more than you bargained for.

True … always test on a little patch of paint that’s not obvious like the underside downtube near the BB or between the chainstays.

Think of yourself as a custodian rather than owner. This frame has seen many years, probably many more than you and do what you can to pass it on to the next custodian whilst keeping what is left of it’s originality. It doesn’t mean you can’t ride it and enjoy it … there’s no shame in fitting it with whatever parts you have or desire but by keeping the paint as is your saving it from obscurity and probably keeping (or even increasing) it’s potential value whilst spending less.

The chips, rust, scratches and faded spots are an autobiography.

It’s like scars man, people dig it.

That post makes no sense

Can I hear an ‘Amen’?

a respray should only be considered if the frame is a junker, there is more rust than paint showing, or it’s a ‘new’ new frame.