Show n Shine volunteers needed

Hey folks

We need a few extra hands:

Approx 5 ppl from 11am Saturday
Approx 5 ppl from midday Sunday

As you know, the event is happening at The Electron Workshop and we need help to setup the show, then reset the space for those returning to work on Monday.

Won’t be too much heavy lifting, but there’s a coupla bookshelfs etc that need shifting.

There’ll be pizza or something for those that can help.

email me if you’re able to help out, preferably with when you’re available and your contact number. or 0405 571 790.

thanks folks

ok, this needs a bump big time!!!

i’ve had ONE reply, and the person was only available at night, so essentially we’re still volunteerless.

mckenny can help out tonight coz he fuckin rules, bogear dave can probably help but i don’t particularly want him to spend his weekend here helping out, and k o can lend a hand on sunday.

but we still need hands, even if it’s only for an hour.

pizza/coupla beers/maybe even donor status if it’s missing from your life.