Show Us Yer Stats!

So this year is the first time I’ve bothered to set any sort of targets for riding and since it’s the last day of the year, now’s the time to reflect.

In January I thought 8000km was a good target to aim for but within a few weeks I think, I realised it wasn’t enough so I bumped it up to 9000km. And then when I reached 9000 just before Christmas I thought maybe I’d go for 366 hours to make it an average of one hour every day. But then that passed so I did 400km last week and an easy 37km this morning to bring it up 9500km for the year.

So, the official record says…
[li]9502km (with probably about 60% of that on singlespeed)
[/li][li]225 rides
[/li][li]373 hours
[/li][li]0 commutes
[/li][li]2 minor crashes (if there’s no damage is it really a crash?)
[/li][li]1 broken spoke

and for the Strava tragics…(I had a problem with GPS data on one ride so the total distance is incorrect)

Other estimates…
[li]120 slices of fruit toast
[/li][li]250 coffees
[/li][li]100 Carmans muesli bars
[/li][li]3 packs of SS Steve’s magic dextro pills
[/li][li]201,000 calories burned
[/li][li]practically infinite number of funtimes

And here’s the ride map showing all the metro rides. Brighter lines are where I rode the most.

So a successful riding year all round, with thanks to FOA for all those times I was reading crap threads and thought “fuck this, I’m going for a ride”. And a big thanks to SS Steve for providing unrelenting support in defeating the inner softness.

Now it’s your turn…Show Us Yer Stats!

There’s gonna be dick waving.

Dick wavers will be deleted :slight_smile:

And if any of this stuff is really important to you, then you’re probably doing it wrong. For me it’s mostly a reminder of how much fun I’ve had along the way, and how much more I was capable of than I thought.

Distance - 6,565.5km
Time - 296hr 2m
Elev Gain - 77,287m
Rides - 203

Good times!

|Time|366hr 17m|
|Elev Gain|71,795m|

I set myself 12000km at the start of the year, and without the several months I was overseas sans-bike I feel like I could have got there. Also pretty psyched on my elevation gain, since I’m a heavy track rider that rides mostly to avoid hills.

I reckon I would have done close to 10’000kms this year.

But with a 3000km tour in Europe and a 2000km tour in Japan - and being overseas with a bike and no job for 6 months its not that remarkable.

No idea about elevation gain but the high point for me (literally and figuratively) was riding over a 2700m pass in Japan - highest I have even been on a bike (or on foot for that matter)

9,158 on Strava. 446hrs. The rest commuting to/from work.

Good times with Snowflake

Bring on 2013

3,564 km
26,615 vertical
Dayne F. | Cyclist | Strava
Not bad to bad considering i dont post all mine and i had 5 months off the bike with injury then had to build back from 20km max rides for a month

Distance 6,047.8km
Time 244hr 17m
Elev Gain 47,415m
Rides 178

Didn’t really have any goals set until I noticed I was nearly at 6,000 km for the year, so knocked out a few hunge in the last couple weeks. Pretty happy with it really, though I wish 80/20 split for commuting/fun was more like 50/50.

Thanks to everyone I got to ride with this year, some good times were had. Hopefully lots more ahead.

don’t know how to get the map thingy going but…

strava or it didn’t happen

This year:
Distance: 7800ish kilometers
Time: 450ish hours
I’m not sure of how many calories, but i lost 30 kilo’s this year.

Im aiming to ride 10000km’s next year, not really caring about the time, the longer the better. Hopefully lose another 5kg’s, heal all wounds and get a x.sw8fixxay.x

Happy new years everyone, stay safe and good luck for 2013.

  • Ray

Fixed it for you, Rayray.

I gave up on starvation in feb. when my heart rate strap broke, I know I’ve done a few km this year, prob a few more than last year.

think I might keep a dairy, pen and paper style.

ride with ya mates not the internets.

Go to Strava Multiple Ride Mapper and stick your strava ID in and then go and make a cup of coffee.

You rode far and wide. You’ll need to zoom in or exclude some rides to make more sense of it.

Fixed again

Bikes built:2
Kilos lost: 7

Need to work a bit harder this year. Only have fixed bikes now for 2013.

Hah i love it

This strava bizzo looks pretty cool just signed up, see you this time next year thread. Any Brissy guys on here riding fixed I can follow?

Same here - D/L Strava last night, done 9.4km this year already.