show your Mrs.

No, this isn’t an invitiation for VoyeurWeb :stuck_out_tongue: … just a very cool bike with some novel ideas that just might make it into production (might be too pricey to be marketable).

quit cool. not just for your Mrs…

Is the transmission a drive shaft or does a chain run through the frame somehow??
does say much about it on the site.

dunno … there’s a bit of secrecy about it. I’m guessing belt.

I like how the handlebar - once locked - switch off the hydraulics which locks both wheels. You literally cant even take off the wheels. Integrating hydraulics and gearing internally are great ideas.

if you cant take the wheel off how do you change a tyre/tube???

Back to sleep now champ :stuck_out_tongue: You can’t remove the wheels when you lock it cause it locks the brakes on. YOu can any other time.

there is a shaft down the driveside chainstay that has a gear on each end

its not a new design. ive always liked this drivetrain setup for cruising to work etc

Years ago, in the mid nineties their was a shop in Glenferrie Road tht sold direct drive bicycles.
They were REALLY expensive and ive never seen anybody on one, ever. The store closed down after maybe 6 months.

sure? :?

care to elaborate or got pics of such mechanism?

looks like a new one, not sure if its the same kind of direct drive or not

looks like an old one

a) pretty sure
b) see pics

still doubtful.

Hub gears, and interchangeable wheels. I’m guessing it’s some kind of toothed belt drive running back close together in the centre portion. It allows for simpler integration with internal hub gears.

From the artist sketches …

All of that aside, its still a bit of a yawn.

… to us.

Put yourself in the shoes of an infrequent cyclist or someone who is looking for a bike as alternative transport and many of the details are very neat and worthy. I’ll admit it’s load carrying is very little but as a stylistic design and for the Dutch-Euro market it’s bang on and deserves credit.

My Raleigh Twenty bores most cyclists but I still marvel at what a cool/clever purpose built bike it is. It’s not the ultimate bike but it is ultimately perfect for it’s intended purpose.

its a bit of a yawn yes, i like the idea of the ‘hidden’ drivetrain for going to the shops etc though

Shaft drive bikes are arse.

Massive efficiency loss through the bevel gears, and the torque destroys the frame in short order.

Dynamic make shaft drive bikes. Luckily they redeemed themselves by making an STI shifter for the Nexus hubgear.

one of my friends bought one of these from craigslist for $20. he claims its one of the most fun bikes he owns, for its purpose.

this is from a former very-sponsored bmxer turned good CX racer.

Blakey; on the website they claim the transmission is 96% efficient vs 98% for conventional (chain?) setups.

The security features are nicely done. Its not common for a bike manufacturer to consider security… guess they want you to get your bike nicked so you have t buy a new one.

Must be a toothed belt with that kind of efficiency and from the skeches. Similar to the new Trek District.

for an enclosed drivetrain which hints at little maintenance that’s pretty impressive efficiency figure

I sure hope there isn’t a failure mode that results in the front brake locking while riding. I don’t trust fancy shit like that.