Showers in Public Carparks - Adelaide's answer to making more people ride to work.

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But yeah, the Adelaide Lord Mayor is an idiot. More people would ride if they had decent infrastructure and it was less dangerous, not if there were showers in public carparks.

personally i can’t think of many things creepier than having a shower in a public carpark, sounds like the intro to a horror movie or a scene from that dark days documentary.

He’s a nice bloke,very likeable,but this is possibly not one of his better ideas. I might mention those bike servicing stations that someone posted here once to him though. Anyone got a link?

“Paedophiles and stuff”

Ugh, they should have kept teaching Greek in schools!


As someone who rides to work daily and is quite dependent on the showers and lockers provided by my office, I think this is an excellent idea.

You must not have a very good imagination then.

except topham carpark is directly above adelaide’s largest centrelink office and is already a bit of a stabby/syringey area

Not like they are reinventing the wheel, could work for some people…

Bike pod at City Square - Bicycle Victoria

Not anymore.

And seriously, who here would go into a carpark to use showers that are public? It’s bad enough using public toilets in the CBD.

I like how he talks about having security at the showers… so they’ll build showers that no one uses, then employ and pay security for showers that no one uses.

Surely the money spent on this could be used on things cyclist will actually use, like putting more bike racks in?

I would. Don’t you have beaches in Adelaide? Don’t they have public showers at these beaches?

Yeah, we have beaches in Adelaide.

A quick rinse off in an outdoor shower whilst in your shorts is a bit different to having a full shower in a carpark.

But seriously, if you think it’s a good idea and it will work, that’s fine. I’m lucky enough my workplace provides showers and a secure bike area and a lot places don’t. I just don’t think saying “hey, there’s showers in this carpark” will make more people get on their bike in Adelaide and ride to work. I think the money can be spent a lot better elsewhere.

I went to the toilets there the other day and it was truly gruesome.