Sick bike

I went for my first ride, post dooring, on the weekend. Bike felt fine when riding normally. When I tried to ride no handed the bike keeps trying to lean to the left and wont stay upright.

The only damage from the car door initially appeared to be to the left side of the handlebars and the stem being knocked out slightly out of allignment with the wheels. On closer examination it appears the front wheel does not quite run parrallel to the brake pads anymore.

I suspect that one of the legs of the front fork has been slightly bent, but everying looks ok to the naked eye (exept the brake alignment). The only other thing I can think of is perhaps the steerer has been damaged from the force through the stem.

So my questions are : Does the bent fork theory sound correct and would this cause the lean in the bike when riding with no hands? and most importantly

how do I fix this? would a good LBS be able to correct this easily?

Any thoughts appreciated.

In my totally unqualified opinion, it sounds like a bent fork leg. Steel frame and fork I presume?

The blades could be fixable. Definitely worth investigating.

If you’ve got the driver’s details I’d be claiming the repair costs from them.

Fork alignment.

Twisted head tube? Maybe, unlikely.

Might pay to check your chainstay and seatstay alignment as well - a bike won’t track straight if they’re misaligned. They might’ve copped a whack when you got doored.

You will need a new frame. Send your old frame to me.

Heres a trick for ya… (get a pen ready)

Ok then

Grab a piece a string (pref something thickish, none of that cotton stuff), hook an end around the right (or left i s?pose) rear axle nut so the tip is touching the drop outs.

Next (keeping some tension) drag the string up past the seat tube (about half way up) and through up and around the head tube.

Once here, curve the string around the head tube and back down (now your on the left side of the bike) past the seat tube and wrap it around the opposing axle nut on the outside of the drop outs (again touching the drops).

If you then measure the distance from the seat tube to the string (ensure the string is actually firm) on both sides, this will tell you what side and by how much the frame is out of alignment by.

That is of course if your frame is out of alignment. (prob just the fork (853)).