sick fixie wheels, Phil wood etc.

Singlespeed Wheels Phil Wood Hubs Notubes Rims DT Spokes ETC | eBay

My wheels, soon yours.

nice, will be watching, these are nice

Bid, still highest, fingers croxxed.


  • Joel

Bid higher, these are beautiful wheels & Joel is someone I’d trust & recommend in the highest way !!

heart youuuuu

Any spare spokes with the Speed Cities?

No! Standard steel, black, round straight pulls, never broken one.

  • Joel

These would solve the front axle size problem on the all city like a dream.

Could finally put the porteur rack on!

Balls, who got em?

Me and LMTM were in an unknowing bidding war against eachother for a bit until someone sniped em.

i forgot to bid

I bid on the Speed Cities but lost out.

Simple solution is to bid higher but this defeats the purpose of a bargain.

Some lady from Sydney got them.

  • Joel