Sick of being fined on your bike?


I wish I could talk all legal smart shit like that - what a champ!!

You’d last about 10 seconds before being smacked one across the nose here in oz. The only lesson is carry a video camera !!!

I would have tasered him.

the cop or if you were the cop ?

I would hope not, as one studying to be a Police Officer in Queensland (am not studying other states) there is a law that you must provide your first and last name and a place of residence to a Police Officer or they can be detained until time Police can confirm who a person is. So it how the man played the officer couldn’t work in Australia, but he was right in saying nothing else as we are taught while studying justice. Also the posting of this video (with audio) on the web would not doubt be a violation of law.

I’m almost 100% that Victoria and most other states are similar to that law in QLD. I’m also almost 100% that whilst on my fixie I could out-ride any officer on their police issue bicycle. What’s the point of them? I’m sure most officers could run faster than using one of those.

im pretty sure even the tram inspectors have the same right to do this, and good ol nanny state victoria would surely have this ability to demand for ID.

Your ‘laws’ (acts of parliament, that only have the ‘force of law’) only apply to ‘persons’. ‘Persons’ are fictional entities. Looks it up in a law dictionary.

There is no ‘law’ that states that a human beings needs to provide jointure to their ‘person’ for a ‘police man’, thus the ‘police officer’.

You as a human (sovereign being) are not obliged to answer any questions from a ‘police officer’. You are obliged to ask which law and authority they are operating under.

+1, smug bastard

brutal, that hurt my brain a little

Here’s the relevant legislation, I believe.

bloke on bike set that copper up the bomb so to speak, but in reality, don’t go through a red light and you wont be in this situation. or if you insist on going through red lights just man up and pay the fine.

^^ this.

This is asking to be accidentally walked into the door frame whilst being assisted into the back of the van.

Every Bogan is a expert on getting out of trouble by knowing “the law” but for some reason they all end up in court with lawyers (my wife)
You will lose in this case trust me if not go try it.
You may not have to tell an officer any thing but you will be detained untill they work it out or untill you die in custody hahaha. definiton of person

  1. a human being
    Sorry, your argument has already failed.

Also, try explain to a police officer that you don’t have to state who you are because you are a human being but not a person and you’ll probably get a chance to explain it to a judge as well.

yeah, red lights are tough to get out of in OZ. just smile and say soz lol, if its ur first offence u’ll be fine. play dumb “oh sorry iv only recently started riding again and i’m truly sorry that i failed stop at the red light, i was to busy focusing on the road ahead of me” cop a warning. The weiners with attitude and that argue get pumped.


You cant get out of the Red Light camera fines though, tried that, they just sent a pic of me burning through the intersection with a clear red light.