sick one

Giant Bowery Road Bike Blk 52cm Fixed Gear NO HIPSTERS | eBay

That’s not as good a deal as the Special Edition Barbie’s he’s also selling !

3 Holiday Barbie Special Editions 1996,1997 & 1998 | eBay

I quite like this part of the listing…

so… a hipster hating barbie entusiest…

… who likes shit Giants

Noisy I’ve heard…

… and normally piloted by crazy menaces to society

Does he mean no hipsters are allowed to bid or it has never been ridden by a hipster?

…I think I might ask a few questions.

Those charges were dismissed…

because of the suspicious extinguishment of the life force of each witness???

isnt there another user you can hassle? i think i say him lurking in the wanted thread earlier