Sidi road shoes + Time ATAC's + Shimano Pontoons = ?

I have some Sidi road shoes with the bolt pattern the same as these:

I would like to run / rock / palp Time ATAC’S on my tarck bike because I’m a stupid hipster and everyone is now doing it, however due to lack o’ funds (mortgage!) I can’t afford / justify buying some new MTB shoes.

Anyway, I came across these:

Could I use these SPD “pontoons” on my Sidi’s with Time ATAC cleats?

I don’t see why not!

The two central slots are your regular MTB cleat attachments. You’re good to go.

Prolly blogs this… and bingo. LOL.

Haha. I’ve actually wanted to do this for a while, but I only really considered it properly today.

sure you have… sure you have :wink:

do you want the pontoon so you can walk in them? Might work, might interfere with the pedal-cleat interface. Worth trying, but spd-sl will be more walkable.

Yeah, I want ones I can walk in. I am bit worried about it not working. I kinda hate having the Look cleats.

I also don’t want to unclip doing mad whipskids, which is why I was leaning towards the ATAC’s.

I’ve never unclipped in my keo Max’s. Unclipped in (MTB) SPD’s though. Shit is scary. Also seen a mate unclip and feed his foot through his front spokes running eggbeaters…

HLC, you do know that SPD is Shimano’s branding for ALL their clipless designs, MTB or road - not just the little metal cleated versions - right? SPD-SLs are road pedals that look like this (and thats what Blakey is refering to):

Had a friend with the same shoes as you with MTB SPDs. He didn’t seem to look too uncomfortable walking, but to be honest I wouldn’t want to walk on polished concrete floors with them. They be slippery. Just get the Atacs and buy some new shoes when you get sick of clacking about and have some dough.

I ran atacs and shimano road shoes for ages and moved to 105 pedals when I got a roadie. The atacs were great but I appreciated the larger platform on the road pedals. If you set them up properly it would be hard to unclip.

Yeah I know, shimano pedaling dynamics etc etc. I was just weighing in as I was running SPD (MTB cleats and pedals) and JLN wants a MTB type set up to replace his current Look/road set up.

Why would you go from look keo’s/deltas to shimano road pedals? Unless Blakey was just referring to road style cleats as a whole.

How’d you go with the atac cleat on the road shoe? Or did you have the pontoons…?

FWIW, I’d keep the SIDI’s for my road bike and get some cheap(er) MTB shoes for the fixie ATAC’s.


Compromise too much and you end up unhappy.

Yeah… I might have some MTB Sidi’s in the pipeline.

We’ll see.

Just get some Specialized shoes. Stuff proper MTB shoes, they’re not as walkable/fashion friendly.

The Tahoe’s rule for comfort and longevity. Or the Tahoe Sport. Good value shoes, not the height of fashion but you don’t look like you’ve come straight from singletrack.

Hmmm, not so sure. There are SPD, SPD-R and SPD-SL. So yes, SPD include just the little metal cleat. SPD-R are the larger metal cleat and SPD-SL, as you pictured.

Nobody uses SPD-R anymore, well unless you’re a track nut.
So in simple terms DICE is right
SPD-SL- road

If you are saying that SPD is an MTB pedal then you are agreeing with me. DICE is suggesting that you need to say “MTB SPD” to be clear about the pedals you are using. I’m saying that SPD implies “MTB” (it actually implies a recessed cleat, as you can use SPDs on whatever bike you want.)

To clarify what you said:
SPD are “MTB” pedals. SPD-SL are “road” pedals.

Try here: