more proof that people in cars get away with way too much

could’ve just as easily been two pedestrians, i don’t think the sentence has anything to do with the fact that it was cyclists, but why was this guy not locked up already, considering his previous offences.

in my opinion, if you’re on drugs, drink 4 bottles of wine and then kill someone (and seriously injure another) in a car, it should be treated as murder.

it’s just fucking sad.

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edit - i see the age have disabled comments for this article. at least we won’t have to listen to some fuckwit talking about how the cyclists had it coming for riding on the road or something equally fucked.

just to get legal on your ass for a minute. it can’t be considered murder because there was no intent.
ultimately he “entered early guilty pleas for charges including culpable driving causing death and negligently causing serious injury.”

and as far as i’m aware ‘culpable driving causing death’ is the most serious thing he can be charged with under current law.
notwithstanding the 3 year cut in he copped a pretty heavy sentence. and again, legally, whether you think it’s right or wrong people are sentenced according to standards set by previous cases.

and 10 years is 10 years more than that old woman from the other thread who didn’t even get a slap on the wrist…

yeah i hear ya, perhaps murder is a tad strong. but i just think it’s fucked that someone can do something so stupid, reckless and without any regard for another persons life, and only get 10 years (granted he may be racked with guilt for the rest of his life).

and yeah, i’m not surprised a precedent was already set when reviewing this case.

i dunno, i suppose the title of the thread says it all, i just hate reading about this shit on a weekly basis.

and we won’t go into the dooring incident again, just in case ryan sees it!! :wink:

“burn the bastards” ye old timey voice

Just to compare there was case here Adelaide recently, two guys racing/dragging in the streets, there was a crash.
The innocent driver was killed. The driver of one of the cars suffered minor injuries. The other driver/racer fled the scene.
Sentence happened last week. The guy that killed the driver got 2.75 years, 1 year non-parole, 10 years license suspension.
The driver that fled the scene eventually turned himself in (he was driving a lime green WRX, pretty hard to hide) and was sentenced to 4.5 years with 2.5 years non-parole and 12 years license suspension.

I’m not commenting on the right or wrong of it, just something to compare this to. Whether a cycling, pedestrian or innocent driver is involved it’s never right and never fair.
Education is the single biggest piece of the puzzle and no Government, State or Federal has the balls to tackle the problem.
Racing on the streets is not ok, TXT while driving is not ok, shaving/doing makeup while driving is not ok.
You are in control of a lethal weapon and it requires your full attention. Anything less is not ok.

People just don’t get it.

as shitful as this situation is, i have found its best to not worry about this stuff

it took a while for me to accept that i am the lowest form of filth on earth while i am on a bike, but once i worked this out i got my insurances in order, accepted i will eventually be fucked over severly at some point, and just got on with life

fighting the power is great and all that but i am not chuck d and i just want to ride my bike

‘Let’s face it: the average jack on the road is a terrible driver and in no sane society has any right to be behind the wheel and in command of a several-hundred kilo high-velocity steel, plastic and glass piece of equipment. Notice my use of the word “right;” it is a common misperception in this country that we all, at age 17 no less, suddenly have the “right” to inflict death and mayhem on our peers with heavy mechanical equipment. No: Driving is a privilege, which in my opinion has been bestowed upon far too many incompetent vehicularly-homicidal maniacs. This is the fundamental problem with our society today: too many people enjoy a privilege that should, only after rigorous and frequent testing, be given to the competent few.’

This is basically how i feel. Once you start to ride a lot, especially in the outer suburbs, you just kinda get used to the fact that you are loathed more than real criminals.

It’s not good, but i just hunker down and do what I gotta do.

How about you think about the driver…

One moment of stupidity ruined their life and the lives of their friends and family forever.

It’s not just one-sided, it’s a lose-lose situation, and more severe penalties aren’t going to solve the issue. The best way to solve it is awareness imo.

I remember in high school our class got taken to some gaol to meet a few guys convicted of a few different crimes. And the one guy that actually struck a chord with me and all of my friends was the guy who was convicted of culpable driving - a normal guy who just switched off once and made a bad decision which ended up killing his best friend. I wanted to cry for him.

Best defence is a good offence. I ride aggressively, expect everyone to do something stupid and ride around it.
This is main reason I will never, ever ride with music or headphones. That’s the quickest way of getting screwed over by traffic.

I believe that program was called “scared straight” in Victoria and got canned after too many teenagers thought it would be cool to go to prison, how fucked up is that? Also, and I’m not defending the individual, but 10 years in prison is a huge amount of time. Prison is a serious punishment and this individuals life is now changed forever in more ways than one. I don’t consider myself to be an angry or violent individual and I’m generally well behaved (sort of) but I’ve done some stupid shit in my time and I’m lucky that no one ever got seriously hurt or worse. Important to think about these things rather than calling for ‘more jail time’. People who go to jail are about 60% more likely to return than people with suspended sentences etc.

further to this story, there’s an article about crash statistics (and lack thereof) in today’s Age (p18 i think, i can’t find the article online).

This was a pretty alarming stat:

In 2010, 1259 fatalities and injuries were recorded on Victorian roads, with 346 injuries deemed “serious”. Bear in mind that “serious” cycling injuries involve amputated legs, cyclists left in comas, in wheelchairs or with brain damage.

350 injuries of that magnitude??? one death is too many but that amount of grievous injuries is truly fucked. (it didn’t say how many of these were motor vehicle-related but one has to assume it was a vast majority)

It’s fucked… and they let more idiots out on the roads each year. The road toll is down because there are better safety features in cars nowadays i.e. shitloads of airbags, not because of driver behaviour. This helps the occupants of the cars, but not the cyclists or pedestrians they hit.

mckenny got it right, “too many people enjoy a privilege that should, only after rigorous and frequent testing, be given to the competent few.”