I put this together a while back

Just one photo, theres nothing that deserves a close up!

Alien 59x59 frame
Sugino cranks/bb/chainring
MKS Sylvan/ MKS clips/ nylon straps
SRAM chain
cheap Nitto stem
cheap alloy seatpost
Chris King gripnut headset
Black alloy flats
cheap DP18 wheelset/ formula hubs
Charge spoon saddle, i like the colour, not the saddle so much

Its alot of fun, smooth ride, no real mods planned, new saddle maybe sometime soon, MAYBE a tan Rolls or honey B17, but no hurry. Black Ourys waiting to go on when i trim the bars a bit.

I like running a cheap wheelset, no stress about abusing them.
They are holding up pretty well, the rear is rolling a touch untrue, but i do like to gutter hop, and look like moron while bunny hoping it over manholes.

The frame was supposed to arrive raw steel, BUT, it arrived less than a week after I ordered it… white… with 2 headsets in the box which I didnt pay for. A little odd.

I was going to paint it black, but fate decided that was a bad idea, and she will probably stay white for a while. Its growing on me.

nice brah, simple is always best. Having a white frame means you can always add dash of colour with certain parts and it wont look gawdy, ie seat, grips, wheels.

yeah i like it man.
how much did the frame set you back all landed and whatnot?

frameset was roughly $600, a little bit under, and that was for a raw steel frame. But yeah, she turned up with white powdercoat, which if i had asked for it, would have cost another $90 or so.
You could spend a long time looking for a lugged track frame with nice geometry and the right size, and i was just getting a bit jack of it!
I heard good stuff about these from people whos opinions are worthy, so i just jumped onboard.

The Alien site has a shipping calculator so you can punch in an order and check the USD price incl. shipping

A good AUD to USD rate would make a nice difference, if the dollar crept back up into the .90USD and above they would be a reasonable alternative to a vintage frame for a cheap build

I dig those Alien frames.

Looks good.

Mine ended up being $650 incl. shipping for the raw frame. Definitely a fan, the geometry is really nice and the build quality is top notch.

yeah, i just checked my paypal to see what i paid and it was 594 AUD!? and it came powdercoated, so i got a pretty good deal by the looks of it, as well as 2 headsets in the box which were traded for a fine bottle of liquor.