Silent Freewheel

Got a few too many hills on a ride I’m planning/
can anyone recommend the best freewheel cog that makes the least sound.
Hopefully it’s available in 16T too.

Shimano. It’s pretty quiet and will last you 10 minutes.

This hub with a single speed conversion kit would do the job.

It uses needle bearings instead of the traditional pawls that are in most freewheels. Instant engagement and zero noise. I’ve never see one that’s actually been built into a wheel, but I’ve held one and played around with the freewheel, very strange feeling when you’re used to a freewheel that has a little play in the engagement, these things have absolutely none! They’re a bit pricey though.


Just buy a King :wink:

Shimano STX had a friction clutch freehub for a couple of years, designed for too many gears though…

thanks for all the responses/
i should have mentioned i have a flip flop hub so all i need is the cog.
Is shimano really the most silent?

Are you a secret agent?

yep, assassin.

no i just hate those really loud ticking road bikes.
wreaks of lycra.

Look for an old suntour one.
Apparently they last very well and are serviceable.

I forgot about the silent bit, King’s sound like a swarm of bees chasing after you with the ring-drive spinning. Awesome sound but not exactly quite!

You should embrace it. Empower it by owning it. Like the homosexual community did with he word queer. You should get the loudest free wheel you can find; peg a few football cards to the chain stays so they rattle in the spokes.
Then every time you roll up on somebody at the lights just give them a look that sez “Remember the first time you saw David Hassalhoff running down the beach in Bay Watch? you’er wearing that same expression right now baby”

hahaha, I know that look well :sunglasses: