simple build

heres my bike. 80s univega conversion, pretty basic stuff nothing to flash 48x15, changing out the bars and stem soon. cheers

48 x 15!!! :-o

masher huh

Fark me… that’s 84.2" :-o Like going fast much?

Looks good :smiley:



U sure? That means my iPhone bike gear calculator thingy is outa whack.

Edit: What calculator are you using? I just checked it with rabbit and you’re right. This iPhone thingy is outa whack for everything :oops:

48 / 15 * 27 =

Oh shit. What a dick. I’m going to have a whinge about this.

Have you thought of teaching, spud?

check all the settings skippy, you can change things like tire sizes, and that can cause 2 inches of difference.

I’m going to bed. Sometimes my brain just shuts down and then it’s all over. :oops:

Thanks LAM.

Good looking ride. I’d just match the saddle up. :slight_smile:

yeh cheers. nah i love the yellow saddle somthing a little different, a tad uncomfortable though. 48/15 isnt to bad low cadence and what not.
so whos going to the free brekky tomorow. might see you there :slight_smile:

if it gets to much to bare, i’ll do you a swapsies

sure :slight_smile: mines an ex bmx racing seat (plastic) hence the uncomfortablity.
but if you want to pm me.

i might need to take a raincheck, becuase i just got a yellow frame and tossing up between an all yellow colour frame, or a ronald macdonald blend with that vinyl seat.

also that picture was genourous, it has a slight scuff of the left shoulder, but i’ll keep you posted… sorry to get hopes up, if i did :expressionless:

yeh true, nah thats sweet a ronald theme would look good. i’m just gonna buy a cheap white saddle thats comfortable and not plastic. hopefully i can find a white koga that would be nice, i’d pay up for that.

post up your build when your done.