Simple pleasures

On the train on the way home tonight, surly teenage schoolgirl sits next to me, ipod adding to the ambient noise…but I listen a litttle more carefully…it’s Johnny Cash… :slight_smile:

that’s the 2nd best thing i’ve heard today.

C’mon, out with it.

Simple pleasure: a nice fuckin’ cold beer.

I’m all about fruit jelly. its so amazing. you get the greatness of jelly, with the added bonus of pieces of fruit!

Not PRO!

Seeing a sweet side-boob at the shops makes the trip worthwhile. I also like it when annoying little shits have tantrums, and their parents just lose their shit and belt their kids.

being dry.

being wet after being dry for so many months…

Looking around my house and seeing 5 working bikes and 3 bike corpses that will become a frankenbike… while sipping a pale pale.

Seeing Somerset dam spillway in full flow.

When they scream.

being dry.

+1. Having a dry room also counts under this.

Getting back from the pub and finding your bed/floor/desk/chair/clothes are in a puddle is a new level shithouse.

not getting pummelled by tennis ball sized hailstones…unlike my housemate who was at flemington in a backless dress. got caught on her way to the car and is now literally covered in very painful looking welts/bruises/scratches!!! :-o

Out injured :cry:

If due to bike injury, that is PRO

to escalate it a little, if the kid is whinging for a chocolate or lolly in the checkout line, buy the same item and eat it in front of them. make faces at them when parents aren’t looking if possible.

haaaaaahahahahahahaha that is pure evil. awesome! :evil:

A friend of mine keeps her kids under control on long drives by having a bag of lollies in the console. Every time the kids start mucking around she throws a lolly out the window…classic.