Single speed in Coke ad

I vomitted a little in my mouth.

There was a fixed gear/singlespeed in the foreground of a Telstra ad too the other day…

i feel dirty

but… but… the dirt’s NOT COMING OFF!!!

no helmet either…shame she wasn’t hit by a truck

It’s in their business mobile flyer. Clearly pandering to the FG/SS fungus is going to solve their NBN and breakup issues. :roll:

I normally really like the guardian website, but what’s with online newspaper’s posting companies adverts and presenting them as news? Fairfax seem pretty good at it too.

looked at the date on that? it’s old as the hills.
there’s a bunch of ads on australian tv at the mo that have fixed bikes in them

I only watched it cos initially I thought it was ‘Buffy’. Man… I really wanted her to get toasted by a big 4wd in the parking lot !

There’s also that dufus guy in the car insurance ad, riding a ss with bullhorns as he chases some mtb’er.

Yeah I’m there with you all. Beautiful women on bikes. Disgusting, nothing worse, threw up in my mouth a little. I wish she would die too.

Soft, riding freewheel. dissapointing.

Also that clown from the Youi ad, he really annoys me

that’s total melburn courier vogue circa 1999. Long travel forks, knobbies, full sus.

The mountain bike doesn’t bother me, just the guy talking. He annoys me in all those ads