single speed mtb... finished!

i’ve had this bike for a while now and am now happy that its all done :slight_smile:
I’m pretty sure i’ve posted it before, but it looks different and has some new parts.

Frame and Fork: Ritchey TimberComp 1989, 21". All fillet brazed by Tom Ritchey
Headset: King
Bottom Bracket: White Industries
Brakes: Avid Ultimate V
Cables: Nokon
Stem: McMahon Racing Titanium 150mm
Bars: Ritchey WCS 585mm
Grips: ESI (not convinced about these… but they look good with the Ti stem.
Hubs: White Industries
Spokes: DT revolution
Rims: Stans 355
Tires: Maxxis Aspen (2.25 front, 2.1 rear) Exception, tubeless-ified.
Seat post: Thomson
Seat post binder: Titanium with alloy nuts
Cranks: Ritchey Logic 172.5
Ring: FSA 36T
Chain: SRAM nickel plated 8sp
Freewheel: White Industries 20T
Saddle: Flite Alpes Ti
Pedals: Shimano M540
Front Skewer: X-Lite

Photos in next post… hopefully.

It climbs better than ever, corners better than ever and stops at least 30% quicker than with the old XT Vs. Ultimates are absolute belters! I think this is the best bike I’ve ever put together and don’t care if I never have anything else as nice.

That stem is outrageous! Great build though.

Big guy bit bike! I like it a lot! where did you get the frame from! i can see that thing rip up some dirt!

Awesome pedigree on the frame!
Nice clean build.
I’m guessing it’s used for singletrack type riding?

Without doubt one of the nicest mountain bike’s I’ve seen. I keep wanting to build one to use on all the singletrack and downhill near my place, I hadn’t even thought of a vintage mtb.

Top stuff, great looking ride. Well done :wink:

Yeah, singletrack seems best for SS and me. But I do have an 8sp White ind/DT rev/355 rear wheel for it, with a thumbie to shift when i need to ride flatter and more open stuff. I’ll get a pic of the set up next time it’s on. Thanks for the comments, I’m stoked that you guys are into it :slight_smile:

This bike is hot hot hot!

The absolute ducks nuts of mtb steel frames from BITD. Nice addition of some newer parts.
Are you running an ENO rear hub?

Yep, ENO at the back. The TimberComp was marketed as a bike you can ride all week on fireroads and then hammer at races on weekends. The difference between it and the SuperComp (which is what Team Ritchey were riding at the time… P-series was still a little way off) is that it has 17.1" chainstays instead of the snappier 16.9" (which is what my Ultra has). The result is better handling on descents for a relative mtb gumby like me.

YEW!!! Looks awesome JP!! Will have to head for a ride soon! You will be pleased to know i am building a SS MTB up at the moment as well.

Nice, but needs yellow Ourys or something :wink: Is this the same Ritchey you rode at Woodend with Damoh and I?
Have you had a good rip around with the “tubeless-ified” tyres yet? I’ve been recommended that it may not be good for a gumby to use anything other than proper tubeless tyres when going tubeless.

hey! how is the voodoo?! I hope it’s floating your boat.

yeah, i was on this same bike with a few different parts in woodend. And i was running small block 8s tubelessified there. Have run the aspens a couple of times and they are a touch better cornering. People say lightweight XC tires tubeless converted are prone to tearing and stuff, but i havent had a problem. but as you know, i ride slow and dont smash through things. And who the fuck referred to you as a gumby?! Hans Rey?