Single spoked wheel

One word… AWESOME!

One word… FAKE

One word… bullshit !

Sheldon did it first…and better:

Scroll down to the “Nanodrive Quarter Twenty”

“OMG, where can I buy 1- I love it it’s so kool. I’m sellin my Aerospoke set now.”

I wanna see him ride it.

hah, i posted this back in may and no- one looked at it.

I looked at it!

I was actually looking for it again not so long ago. I got thinking about how ridiculous it was and how it must be fake (the video is pretty convincing and I didn’t look at it too hard the first time). Even if you COULD make a monospoked wheel strong enough, why would you bother? You would need to make that one strong ridiculous stiff and strong, the rim would have to be absolutely bombproof to take the kind of stress the spoke would be putting on it. After all that you need a counterweight on the other side of the rim. So you’re now adding non-structural weight in addition to the already ridiculously beefy spoke and rims. 3 spokes is really the minimum number you could logically get away with.

I still reckon 32 is a better number.

Kinda not to do with this at all but can someone please explain what [I’m a potato] is? It appears to be subsituted with aero spoke is that right? Why is this the case?
Cheers and thanks for putting up with the noob question

Yes, you’re intuition is correct!
Why? I think some Admins on this forum made an executive decision to ban the word as a counter to the increasingly divisive threads that were popping up about them. It seems you either love them or hate them, and that made people mad, quite mad.
That’s my take on it. It’s actually quite funny I reckon.

Nothing to do with me, oddly enough.