Singles on the road?

Thanks to MR Rogaine, I now have a pair of singles wheels ready to hit up on the road. I initially thought I would use them just for the track later on, but after a little clean up and re-build (thanks to my dad on Sat night), they are spinning so nice.

Question, middle of no-where…psssstt…can a single be repaired, or as soon as you puncture you throw them away?

My old man said he use to repair singles when we raced road years ago.

My daddy said…

Depending on the quality of the tyre (ex conti’s can be upwards of 200 smackers per end), you can have them repaired. But if their ol’cheapo, say less than 50 smacks per end, i’d ditch em for new ones. Once you have them dedicated for the track only, you’ll get heaps of life out of em.

Check the website out for models, call ya LBS for retail prices and go from there.

Wouldn’t recommend tubular for commuting/everyday use. These puppies are for race day. :twisted:

But i need to use tubulars on the road, my clinchers wont let me put 220psi in them :smiley:

They probably will… for about 3-4 secs aleast. :smiley: