The frame sat cold and lonely for a long time, and i didn’t know what to do with it. Ive got a work bike, a race bike, and now…

and more

Number of trackbikes you should own = N+1

Shifterbikes put this baby together.

hey cool title!

Bike is a bit too…brakeless for my tastes but still, nice throw-together :smiley:

  • Joel

That is one damm fine machine andy! I can’t believe that it used to be THE red frame used in all the girl photos…amazing!!

Looks like the perfect weapon for “Melburn-Roobaix”:twisted:

i want a reshoot with all new girls on the offroad re-incarnation!



wot tires?

Nice. I reckon it looked better with girls on it, but wide bars and knobbies are good too. :smiley:

how did you get the rear tyre to fit?

i reckon the wheel must be a loooooooooooong way back :slight_smile:

It’s an ‘art’ shot - the rear wheel doesn’t actually spin :wink:

Whinge whinge.

Its tight in the rear - just how I like it.

35mm front, 32mm back.

Rides on rails.

No more girls on my bike - Im married :wink:

Dan’s input on rubber selection and setup.

I didn’t need to know that.


I didn’t need to know that.[/quote]

But spud does

Did someone mention “off-road girls”? I like the sound of that.

Love the riser bars.

SR Royals with the 44?