SINZ cranks + Milwaukee Pologuard

Is anyone running this combination of a milwaukee polo guard with a SINZ crankset?

I couldn’t find this anywhere on the net, but I was wondering what people are getting as a chainline. Ive got the recommended 103 spindle, but the chainline is somewhere around 48mm and not what I thought would be a standard 41/42. Im pretty sure im doing something wrong but cant seem to figure it out. The ring being curved, I cant run the guard on the inside of the crank arm like my previous chainring.

Which version of the pologuard did you get?

V2 which is supposed to be for cranks other than the Sugino.

Just in case anyone else is thinking about this, heres what I finally got back from Bens Cycles:

OK - it appears SINZ has changed the castings for making their cranks since I put the listing up. They chainline is 48mm now…arrrgh.

the guys are really helpfully though and are sending me a free set of origin 8 cranks that fit right. score.