Site Classifieds Section?

guys, i was thinking (uh oh)

there are quite a few postings in the ‘for sale’ section of the board - it might be nice if they were more accessable, so i was thinking maybe i could put together a classifieds section dedicated to fixed gear stuff. would anyone use it? maybe with any luck it could become popular and let people sell stuff they usually would on ebay, but for free… ? just a passing thought.


i took it upon myself to make one anyway.

go forth and sell

to place an ad, register & login, go to the relevant category and there will be a ‘post ad’ link.

hope its useful. nick.

Sorry to be a code nazi but you might wanna tweak the html a little. The 3 classified categories are thrown right off my screen. I’m using Safari on a Mac. (yes the minority)

hmm, that is annoying. i have safari, i just dont use it - let me sort it out,

thanks! nick.

Good Idea

Only one problem I see, even with a nice new page, the customers/potential buyers are still a cheap pack of ‘Penniless Bastards’.

thats ok - think of it as the cork board at a club house. it doesnt have to be expensive - the idea is that there is some stuff being sold around the place, and the more people see it and the easier it is to access, the better it is for everyone.



Ohhhh Snap! We can’t find the page…

check again, you have access.


Five year old thread and a user that has been on here for two years, but hasn’t posted.

A good argument for a post count as well time served.

or euthanasia.

serious lol’s