Sixty Minutes 'Vicious Cycle'

Transcript of motorists vs cyclists story on Sixty Minutes last night (warning: avoid if you have anything better to do):

I’m sure the commuter forums are all over this…

They have such a grown up forum overthere, I read like 3 pages without a single mention of a brakes argument or someone being called apples… pussys

“IAN LUFF: They must think they’ve got special rules or, probably, some special privileges”
Obviously never seen a bike path, or noticed the “special rule” that bikes aren’t allowed on freeways.

sort of like a bike forum for Radio National listeners

(think I might call by there more often…)

Just went over there to register.

You get to choose a language from a drop-down box.

There is only one option in the drop-down menu. It is “British English”.

Radio National listeners rejoice!!! :smiley:

the for sale section is occasionally good for bargains…

and i love radio national too.

I saw the program when it aired - thought it was relatively well balanced and most usefully included video taken from the cams the two cyclists mounted on their handlebars to give a pretty accurate riderview.

I hope it will make any non-cyclists who saw it think twice.


You can’t CC. Your sensible, dual brake approach to life is both a relief and an inspiration in this skid infested youth culture. Please stay here to keep us grounded.