Hullo all,

I’m looking at buying a new frame, In particular a khs or mercier, a bit of a splurg on a beater bike, nothing to fancy.

I’m am wondering what size i should go for. Im 5’8" and from leg to nuts measure about 83 cm. I’m pretty sure i’m needing about 50 - 53 cm bike. however, khs and mercier only have a 50 and 53. nothing in between.

Should i go for a smaller 50 cm frame or the larger 53 cm frame? i’m actually leaning towards a the smaller size. what would your guys opinions be?

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I personally think a smaller bike is better than a too big one, but best to ride a few bikes around at your local bike shop and figure out what size you are first, because the correct size is best, and if one brand doesnt make your size you’d be better to switch.

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You should size your bike by it’s top tube not the seat tube. Saddle height is easily adjusted but reach is not, even with different length stems.

Try a few different sized bikes and see what works best.



I guess the reason i’m going for a khs/mercier is because they have tighter/squarer geo then say a fuji, which i’m guessing around the same price. trek, giant nah not a fan, i know im limiting what i can go for. are there any other brands builder that i should look at?

This has a fair bit of good info about sizing yourself up…

Thanks for the help! :smiley: