SKCC Single Speed/Fixie Carnival - 22 March

this thing

who is going? who is racing?

i know xsBBsx (XSaddleBBSoreX) is going to out there scaring the roadies.

i also know that my bike isnt really that ‘cool’ but 9:30 on a sunday morning is early for the ‘cool kids’ so maybe i will win a tube or something :expressionless:

either way i’ll be there.

Was thinking of riding too - new ride to pick up from Shifterbikes Friday night to give a whirl…

where’s it taking place? it’s hard to read the flyer on the skcc page. i see port melbourne written there but does anyone have anymore info on the exact location? :slight_smile:

I’m not certain but I’m assuming it’s at the regular SKCC criterium circuit, here.

[quote="snowflake "]

I’m not certain but I’m assuming it’s at the regular SKCC criterium circuit, here.[/quote]

thanks snowflake.

ok, so i just spoke to nikcee and we’re gonna meet at 9am at the cow in the tree at docklands then, presuming it’s where snowflake linked to, head over to check it out :slight_smile:

isolated showers and possible thunderstorms during the morning!!!

see you then. if i wake up.

strange kind of competition out there today. pretty disparate field. would’ve been more fixie kids about if they’d:

a) let people run brakeless
b) let people who didn’t have UCI licenses ride
c) not run it ridiculously early in the morning.

930am is ridiculously early?

Brendan, repeating his inability to count laps goes too early and comes in 2nd.

Sprint #1, skidding across the line

Sprint #2, no DQ for victory salute.

on a sunday? hell yes!

nice pics though bruz. put that one of stu up!

and one more thing… i learnt everything i know here:

Really enjoyed the day - particulary the d grade crit race beforehand even though I got shoulder barged on the 3rd to last lap as a few punters swarmed for position going through the final straight.

Could have run a bigger gear for the fixie race - shame there weren’t more starters - I was hoping for bigger numbers and was expecting a bit of carnage! I hope SKCC run some more fixie/SS crits - I liked the format.

damoh and i are thinking of going down for the normal crits next week. anyone in?

So how did you guys go in the crits?

Would have come but I was recovering and doing marriage maintenance after spending Sat in Torquay riding the Otway.