Skeletons in the closet at BT?

and other places…?

How the fuck does the AOC give away $425,000 in grant funding and not have any kind of paperwork as to how it was spent? I need about a dozen signatures to buy a fucking staple at my University. I smell a rat.

Dodgy!! :smiley:

I feel sorry for Mr. Pope. Someone stole probably years of his work designing this bike and it was dedicated to his son who died in an accident. That’s just horrible.

A truely amazing story. Here’s the link if anyone feels like brushing up on thier reading skills or are stuck on dial up

The World Today - Sounds of Summer: Intrigue and heartbreak in cycling 10/01/2011 - the world centre of cycling

“Sansonetti said Van Moorsel is one of BT’s highest-profile customers, ever since she threw a leg over one of the machines while checking out Sydney’s Dunc Gray Velodrome prior to the 2000 Olympics.”

“It was during a visit to Sydney in 1999 to check out the Olympics road course and velodrome. As told by Ray Godkin, the then Competition Manager (Cycling) for the Sydney Olympics Organising Committee (now vice-president of the UCI), Van Moorsel saw one of the BT bikes while she was at the track and asked if she could ride it, mainly to get a feel of the track. However, it wasn’t the track so much that impressed her, it was the bike and apparently they couldn’t get her off the velodrome. The only solution was to get her own frame from BT and a year later, considerable success followed.”

It’s hard to remove everything about something from teh intarwebs…

and then this:

"A trip out to the newly finished Dunc Gray Velodrome was in order, and Leontien was immediately impressed with the track. “She loved it,” said Godkin who added that she also tried out Rochelle Gilmore’s Sal Sansonetti/Brian Hayes designed BT track bike.

“We stuck her on, and she trained with her husband on the track. 30 minutes later, we couldn’t get her off! She loved the bike and the track, and wanted one to ride. Sal Sansonetti and Brian Hayes arranged to build one for her, but with her own sponsor on the bike,” said Godkin. "

www.cyclingnews.presents the Olympic Games 2000


The Superbike was designed and built by a project team from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) headed by Mr Lachlan Thompson, an aerospace engineer and lecturer at RMIT.

The whole project started by accident in 1992 (before the Barcelona Olympics), when Thompson, who specialises in aerodynamics, was setting up a photo session to contrast the modernity of a jet fighter to the antique technology of a bicycle. The cycling model failed to arrive, so Thompson went into Swanston Street, Melbourne and spotted a young cyclist, Kathy Watt. In return Thompson offered to put Watt in the RMIT wind tunnel to check the aerodynamics of her bike and riding position. When biomechanist Dr Brian McLean at the AIS heard about this he wanted all the other AIS cyclists checked in preparation for Barcelona. While working in the wind tunnel, Thompson revealed he had already done some preliminary work on bicycle design which had been shelved. One thing led to another and a project team was formed and the Superbike developed in consultation with Olympic cycling team coach, Charlie Walsh.

Read more: 98/54/1 Bicycle, Olympic ‘Superbike’, carbon fibre / metal, Australian Institute of Sport / Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology / Bike Technologies, Australia, 1997 - Powerhouse Museum Collection
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poking further because I’m pretty bored, I came across this wikipedia article:

Duncan Steel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Duncan was married, first, to Margareta Olsson of Helsingborg, Sweden (1982–88; no children) and, second, to Helen Pope of Adelaide (1991–2005; sons Harry and Elliot). For some years he went by the name Olsson-Steel.”

I had a quick look through the Advertiser’s death notices for 1990-2000 but couldn’t find anything under the surname “POPE”.

I’m sure this is getting further and further away from the story but look at the page for this asteroid:

6828 Elbsteel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The kid’s name is … strange, to say the least.

edlang, you need one of these to further advance your investigation…

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i have a skeleton t-shirt in my closet.