skid comp footdown comp

an afternoon of bicycle hi-jinks is happening sunday the 14th of august thanks to BikeDorks and treadly bike shop
promised activities include footdown comps and skid comps in/around the old Sovereign Auto Services building at 238 Angas Street from 4-8
should be good
some beers and beats and also burgers from the rolling goodness of burger theory

Sweet! I love a good foot down.

Who are bike dorks?

as far as i can tell the bikedorks is mostly an artist buddy named matt stuckey from treehouse projects
Bike Dorks : Treehouse Projects

Fuck yeah.

I will be there.

Hipster cape and all.

Also, I don’t remember giving permission for my face to be used as the bike dork…

You wish you where as good looking!

I beg to differ, but we can sort that out on the 14th.

You should’ve got DJ Velodrone to play!

Spin those wheels DJ!

is it BYO beers or you guys got a beer van or something?

Keen as!
Never met anyone on this forum, so it’ll be a good time to get introduced.

I look like the flyer posted above.

Youvé shaved?

I have actually.

To look like the poster? Smooooooth!

This weekend I will be in a warehouse on angas st. There will be beers by little creatures and burgers by the theory. come join!

Cheers dork.

This was AWESOME! Forgot to get a burger though, too busy having fun! Hopefully someone will post pics

Like this one? Spotted on Velodrone.


Yep, that’s the one!