Skid Contest?

would anybody be interested?
They sound pretty fun.
and who doesn’t like skidding.

they are.

…in the pants department?


i’d be up for it.

I’ll be a judge. Maybe next time it rains, somewhere slippery like Martin Place.
I don’t know how they run them elsewhere, but it would be pretty cool if there was only a certain short distance limit for the run-up.

If a guy called Daz rocks up - don’t let him compete.

See the 2 paths under the tree canopy, that’s where the Sydney CMWC’s skid comp was.


Why not? It is by competing with the best that we become better.

done. a set run up though i agree w/ rhys.

If you guys wanna hold out i’m planning to have some along side the Le Pista 1 year birthday sprints which is only about 6-8 weeks away.

If someone wants to do some before then though, go for it! Ill be there.

more sprints?? wahhhhh

awww, sprints with no dirty… shame. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m cool for holding up

If you want, you could run the skids at the sprint day?

One less thing for me to worry about.


Yeah man i’ll do my best.

Cool. Do you know where the sprints were at last time?

Yeh at those straight bits of tar next to moore park cricket ovals at the entrance to0 centennial park outside fox studios. innit?

So how do you think i should do it? should i make an artwork or just start oraganising people to judge and stuff. i will probably need some help with the sponsors.


try here: