Skin Or Glory - Dirt Time Trial

SkinOrGLoRY - Flyer Front by Skin Or Glory, on Flickr

Skin Or Glory - Dirt Time Trial - Fixed or Handicapped CX

3rd Dec

Fucked Up Fixed Time Trial on steep goat tracks with as little road in-between as possible. CX riders etc. are welcome but will be handicapped. Strictly No Mountain bikes.

Location: The Oval, Cnr of Studley Park rd and Walmer St. Melburn

Register and Collect your spoke card from Saint Cloud. $10 Entry no.s are limited.

The Route:
Skin Or GLoRY - short in VIC, Australia | Bike Map | MapMyRIDE

Other TT course maps, photos etc:
Flickr: Skin Or Glory’s Photostream

5.2km of washed out dirt tracks that cross Yarra Boulevard.

Shit Loads of Prizes!
Sponsers so far: Saint Cloud, Abbotsford Cycles, Knog, Crumpler, Lab-Gear, and more to come!

couldn’t decide b/w the CX and the Melb sections. Move as desired.

tate this looks rad. is it your doing?

and what about a fixed cross bike, or a fixed mtb?

won’t you be in bright gene?

Agh fuck!

Yep - it’s freakin’ annoying. The motivations to scratch from Bright pile higher and higher…

Looks great btw, dfunkt!

nah, not my doing. i just rode around a bit with Dan one day finding trails that’d work with this format in mind.

fixed cx is doable (i thought about flipping the rear wheel of my singlespeed, but then remembered the brakes are shite and i’d probably stack hard and often)

no MTB, no discussions about what constitues a MTB. if Dan says no, it’s no.

EDIT: 666 posts, obligatory milestone pic.

I rode the course with Dan a week ago. It’s rad. I’m sure any mtb, cx dudes will smash it.
It was my first time riding around those trails so I was a bit hesitant at anything resembling high speed.

I’m curious as to how the handicap will be calculated, as handicapping is hard enough for road&track, let along matching up fixed vs CX.

i’m thinking it’ll be a fixed (pun intended) time penalty for those riding ss/cx.

“Riders on anything else but fixed will be handicapped (Time penalty or Chicken costume etc.)”

Don’t know about the time penalty, but I can’t imagine there’d but much calculation involved in getting someone to wear a chicken suit.

maybe they can wear my ‘skin-suit’ from CVCX, after i dunk it in the yarra.

So, so in for this.

And I’ve just finished resurrecting my fixed offroad machine. ROCK!

In which case I predict that fixed will either have a huge advantage or disadvantage. Easier just to prize fixed / non separately.

nice work Tate!

was wondering why the singletrack was spray painted lol

probably in idk

don’t credit me…it’s all other Dan’s brain-child.


here is a link to FB page - Log In | Facebook

a few people are heading out there on Tuesday 1st to have a run through- Log In | Facebook

edit: Hope those links work. Otherwise, can you do the honours tate?

the course is fun on a MTB… will be highly entertaining on a fixed gear.

No MTB too scared off road skills might come into Play.

bring all the skills you got, just leave the MTB at home.