Skin Or Glory - This SATURDAY!!!

Hey dudes, don’t forget that we have THIS!!!

"Skin Or Glory - Dirt Time Trial - Fixed or Handicapped CX

3rd Dec

Fucked Up Fixed Time Trial on steep goat tracks with as little road in-between as possible. CX riders etc. are welcome but will be handicapped. Strictly No Mountain bikes.

Location: The Oval, Cnr of Studley Park Rd and Walmer St. Melburn

Register and Collect your spoke card from Saint Cloud. $10 Entry, numbers are limited.

The Route:
Skin Or GLoRY - short in VIC, Australia | Bike Map | MapMyRIDE

Other TT course maps, photos etc:
Flickr: Skin Or Glory’s Photostream

5.2km of washed out dirt tracks that cross Yarra Boulevard.

Shit Loads of Prizes!
Sponsers so far: Saint Cloud, Abbotsford Cycles, Knog, Crumpler, Lab-Gear, and more to come!"

There are still spots left, so get down to Saint Cloud and register, if there are places left on the day, come down and the boys will get you registered!

6.30pm (sorry LP, couldn’t see the time on your post, this was easier)

I sooo feel like spectating this shit.

yep, reckon i’ll be doin the same!

can i do skids in your mx5?

Nobody will do skids, I can’t afford new tires yet.
I know full well when I get to the carwash tonight everyone’s gonna ask me to take it for a slide, but fuck that. I mean, I did it a little bit on the test drive but not heaps.
I need to be gentle with this thing till I can get some insurance.
Anyway, back on topic!

Yo all the details, maps and prizes can be viewed here:
Flickr: Skin Or Glory’s Photostream

there’s over $1000 worth of prizes on this one - the sponsors really came through!!

There are separate prizes for each category: Fixed, Fixed Brakeless, CX/whatever as long as its not a mountain bike.
There is one overall prize which is time handicapped to even things out.

I’m down from Sydney for the weekend, does anyone want to lend me a bike?
I’m here for my girlfriends birthday weekend, she would love nothing more than to be dragged to a bike thing and watch me ride around.

If no other option for a bike comes up grab one for free from
Have to get a prize for getting round the course on one of their Kronan bikes!
or even pay for one fuggly blue thing: Melbourne Bike Share | Home

what size you need? preference - fixed/free/road/cx

But I’ll work with whatever

I also haven’t entered at saint cloud yet. Are there spots left?

i believe there’s some spots left.

yeah, plenty of spots left. There is also rego on the day. Its just preferable to have it sorted beforehand so there’s less dicking around with cash on the day

I am going to win the prize for the drunkest rider!

Haha Oh we know. 6hrs of drinking time between the swap meet and the TT. Win a prize for first to vomit on the course?

can’t really see it that well :frowning:

Well done! I managed to break a rib on the way home.

also, this…unedited.


Dfunkt: How did the gaze come off? Not sure whether it was the non-sticky variety :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, how did you manage to break a rib kit? Bike ok?

gauze came off alright, was a bit blood/puss soaked…moving after just waking up/lying down on the couch is worse than my elbow, my hip is very tender.

Thanks for a fun race to photograph, Dan! Many stacks were had. I’m a little upset I didn’t capture all of them.

Facebook album here.

And for non-Facebookers, Flickr album here.