skinsuits galore

tralaghi | eBay

uh oh

One second hand skinsuit is enough for my wardrobe…

That skeleton suit is so tempting.

Scott definitely get the skeleton one. We could go halves and share custody?

Maybe not, eww

dibs on the skeleton.

It’s like a halloween costume, only aero.

Much win.

The Saunier Duval suit is awesome.

its a large, i may be an x-large, i know i need to get more aero, but not that aero… xcx i will not share a skinsuit, we’re in the same grade remember, hey dude, which half do you want? i’m having the left arm and right leg tonight, ok then!

Aeons will be frothing right about now… he needs more commuter attire.

pity he has the frame of a 14yr old girl.

Already checked em out, was considering strapping a pillow around m midriff and buying a medium. I hand washed my genesys skin suit last night, going to draw on it with sharpies today. On a side note where do you buy skin suits from? I’ve had a look around but can’t find much nice ones/ affordable ones.

do it!!!

are these for surfing?


Unfortunately I am no Ricco but I am passionate about raising EPO awareness.

alright who is bidding on the skeleton? i may be forced to fight you for it

team raleigh USA, allegedly owned by Nelson Vails?

Raleigh Team USA skinsuit Made in Japan vintage rare - size L | eBay

For the skinsuit crowd, and some canadian love…

EDIT: Warning these links contain all kinds of awesome…


NWT ADIDAS Techfit SPANDEX Seamless Running TIGHTS Hose L | eBay

Those photos creep me out a little.

more like it