Skipping chain - I think!!

I’ve recently replaced my chain.
I had a fantastic old chunky british chain. No idea of the brand and have gone for a BMX chain.

I’ve got correct chain line and tension.

However, last night and this morning, I noticed that if I really trod on it hard, it felt like it was skipping a cog. The cranks would skip back or forward, but the wheel wouldn’t slip or skid.

Anyone got any idea what might be going on? Its a really weird feeling.


Sounds like the cog is slipping. I can’t think of any other alternatives.

Tighten the cog and try again?

I wondered that.

Either that or my legs have become absolute cannons over the weekend!
But I doubt it. Will check when I get home tonight.

Could it be anything else?

Is everything 1/8? I know I get a slightly weird feeling running a bmx 1/8 chain on my mtb with a 3/32 ring. Maybe it’s just a crappy chain? I know mine is.

Worn cog?

Chain ring is 3 / 32, but I never had a problem with the old chain.

Neither is the Cog Worn.



Sounds like a born slippy cog then… if ya cant get it tight (or it still slips), put a real skinny spacer between the cog and the hub. repeat.


If you have changed nothing else but the chain on the bike. No removal of cog or lock-ring or etc., then I would propose the your problem is a worn chainring. It would only need to be slight, but if the chainring was worn to fit you previous chain which was stretched a bit I am sure then the gullets on the chainring are slightly oversize allowing the chain to ‘slip’. You could also have the thing happening with the cog. It does not need to be much. A few thousands is enough.

um, not sure if this will help, but if you have been running the chain with the outer links always on the same teeth (you need to have even number of teeth on front and rear), if you align the chain so it has the opposite teeth now on the outer links, that should help.
not sure if that made a lot of sense, but the sheldon article on extending chain life explains it pretty well.

see if that makes sense.

Thanks everyone.

I think that the lockring may have slipped a little as when I checked it this morning, i was able to give it a bit more of a tighten. I had some spokes replaced recently and didn’t check the lockring after collecting it from the shop.

Its tighter now, so heres hoping its fine from here on in.


Maybe stating the obvious … but make sure you re-tighten the cog before the lockring.

Really… :wink: