Skipping Chain

Howdy All,

i changed the cranks on my Votec roadie from the 7700 177.5mm to some 7900 172.5mm. at the same time, i put on a new chain (10speed Ultegra, i am derp). i have since put on a new DA 9 speed chain (to go with the rest of the 7700 9speed group)

when in the small ring, i get some chain skip when under power. i thought it was just because the 10speed chain was ‘too narrow’ to get right down in the casette and was jumping over the teeth. but unfortunately the same thing is happening with the new chain as well. the rear casette looks to be in good condition.

is there anything i’m overlooking. i’m a bit stumped as to why it’s only ‘skipping’ in the small ring…


Skipping in the little dog because you can generate more torque.

You should run a 10sp chain on 10sp cranks (ring spacing), 10sp chain on 9sp cassette/mech/ring is NDB.

B-screw adjustment.
New cassette.

It’s trying to tell you to HTFU and use the big ring.

Big Ring for Racing, small ring for riding.
i don’t pin a number on when i commute, so small ring all the way.