Skrill Payment

I’ve got to pay for some ‘goods’ in Serbia, but Paypal doesn’t allow money to be sent there. Skrill is another payment option, but I’ve never used it. Seems legit - can anyone recommend?

Guess I just need to feel comfortable that I’m protected if it goes balls up.


Have you looked at the Skrill currency exchange?

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Don’t know much about Skrill sorry. But some friends have used Dwolla before and said it was good.

I have used Skrill before to pay for goods in poland i think.
I don’t know about protection but it did work and i did get the goods.

Do they offer an express payment product… Skrillex?


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I used Skrill to do international transfers, the money arrived and the exchange rate was decent. No idea about the buyers protection.

They’re pretty trustworthy but i’ve changed to moneybookers coz cheaper.

I thought Moneybookers changed its name to Skrill?

moneybookers is skrill?
Skrill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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