just on my weekly saunter around the city today, i happened to waiting for a tram at corner of bourke and swanston, when i glanced up, and saw a gaggle (about 12) of blue, white and red lycra clad gents and femmes on an array of beautiful bikes, one being RAPHA affiliated, ride by, loaded with bags. Anyone else see this spectacle, they all had “sky” on them, who are they, and why are they here?

Most likely trackies here for the world cup this weekend. A few were at the Glenvale Crits on Sunday. Red White & Blue? Could be brits or frogs.

they are some of the best track cyclists in the world. the british track team.

i hope you greeted them with the right amount of deference, and remembered to call chris hoy “sir”.

else you’ll be on the wrong end of a Glasgow Kiss :evil:

So is Chris Hoy in Melburn for real?!

How much are World Cup tickets again… :roll:


yes he is. $39. we’re meeting at fed square at 6.30. you are welcome to come.

though i wouldn’t want to bump into chris hoy in a darkened alleyway somewhere.

on an unrelated note, victoria pendleton is also in town.

you reckon we could get them to race the alleycat saturday arvo?

my bad, i’m now sporting a new grin similar to

id be scared to encourage them and then have them crash. however they are welcome to join in on the footdown :smiley:

or the roller racing (they could consider it a warmup).