Slow news day?

Every1 wants 2 b a rando boi now

Did lol.

SOBP is officially over before it began.

Nah no hate to the bloke, seems like a genuinely nice fella, isn’t spreading misinformation and going back on it like other bike bloggers, maybe he’ll “sell-out” soon, do a Riv collabo, seems to lean towards the GP side of bike dorkery. When he mentions he’s a “guide” for money, that’s a bit limber losty but at least he’s a genuine crusty living the dirt bag dream, not taking fops on curated gravel “adventures” or something, that’s my view

I have no hate on him, but I do find it funny there’s a story on him.

I think he might mean fishing guide.

And yeah doesn’t seem he’s cashing in at all. Few patches and shirts don’t mean much money.

original from BI.

FOA mafia journalist?

I saw the original article and was surprised by it being there, but the message is totally awesome. Some might be moved by it, others will deride it. I love him.

Carnage in the women’s race that’s on right now. Freshly wet cobbles after a long dry…water + diesel and other exhaust residues…better them than me

Another story on Poppi.

This one is heap longer the the BI & reblog.