SLX hubs - bolt up axle options

Searched high and low for this, and cant get the right keywords and am sick of wading through lots of stuff that I’m not looking for. Must be bolt up - horizontal drop outs and I tow a loaded kiddie trailer alot.

I know I can replace the QR with almost any old dirty axle the same size. What I’m struggling with is finding a nice bolt up replacement that is strong and somewhat light.

or… some 36h disc bolt up mtb hub options that are supercheap for the pair but reliable.

You’re towing a kiddie trailer and you care about a few extra grams in the axle?

Just get a ~187mm 10mm diam, 1mm pitch axle from your LBS and transfer the cones etc onto it. Grab some 10x1mm track nuts to complete the job.

If you must shave grams, get a hollow axle.

Wheels Manufacturing make nice aftermarket axles, good LBS’ will have them in stock.

Thanks man. exactly what I was chasing. Kiddie trailer will only be towed once a week and the bike ridden daily and is already looking pretty chubby.