Small business owners needed

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Hi ladies and gents

I’m branching out from my main job and using my experience in risk management to start a side gig consulting to small business owners and NGOs.
To get this kick-started (in the traditional sense) I’d like 4-5 small business owners to help me out as guinea pig trial clients. I’m offering a large discount on my services (see below) in exchange for testing the products I’m developing and providing feedback.

To start with, I’m offering three risk management services:
• A tailored risk management framework that will integrate arrangements for managing risks into business operations.
• An overall risk assessment for the enterprise as a whole. This includes identifying current key risks to the business, assessing the effectiveness of risk controls, and recommendations for addressing areas of high risk exposure.
• A risk assessment for a current or new activity of the business.

I know risk management isn’t sexy. You’re not going to be posting about it on Instagram or chatting about in the pub. It sounds more fitting in an episode of Seinfeld. But that doesn’t mean it can’t provide some valuable benefits to your business, including:
• improved performance of current and new activities
• identification of liabilities and exposures
• reduced costs
• investment targeted for the greatest return.

My experience includes over 8 years experience for small businesses and 6 owning a small business of my own.
I’ve also got more than 5 years experience working and volunteering with not-for-profit community groups.
Most recently, I’ve been working in a risk and business continuity management role for a large (over 4000 staff) and complex government department. Some of my recent work includes:
• a $5 million and 3-year multi-national project
• a reboot of a $15 million project involving complex legal changes and stakeholders Australia-wide
• reform of an international industry auditing and compliance scheme
• Implementation of complex changes to internal governance and oversight processes
• over a dozen other business management improvements and reforms
• writing and testing business continuity plans.
I’ve got a post-graduate qualification in public sector administration and will complete Diploma in Risk Management and be a Certified Risk Management Technician (Risk Management Institute of Australia) by May 2015.

If you’re at all interested in my services and would like to discuss my proposition further, please email me at A website is coming soon.