Small geoffsco ADL

Geoff Scott Road Bicycle in Adelaide, SA | eBay

Bargain for a shorty.

54sq boom i just got it but no idea why? it is my size,
But if any any one wants it we can work some thing out

Hmmm. I would like a road bike again.

we can work some thing out, just pm me

Pm ed Dayne.

Jolan its not CX and its to small for you.

Too small for you.

54 square, you’d be bangin your knees on your elbows.

way too small for the ZOLT

sold anyway

Yeah, to Dayne… Who might on sell it.

And the #cannondalerack is 54cm square.

i know he claims it is a 54 square but that headtube length says otherwise

you’d look like you are humping the front wheel riding that thing

parts? those brifters da7400 i wannnem

It turns out the frame is 52cm. The parts are mismatched and the paint on the frame isn’t the best but its ishiwata 017 tubing with a ozi ozi ozi 80s paint job so not all is lost, and the price was right.

Grim story, when I went to pick up the bike I was chatting with the guy who owned it, and his partner came out in a panic saying they had to leave ‘right now!’ to go to the hospital because her grandma had just had a stroke. I was thinking it could have been an elaborate ruse to avoid explaining the mis-rep on the frame size but I think it seemed legit, ce la vie, nice frame.

BTW big ups to Dayne.

You wouldn’t fake that just for a frame size mistake, not many know how to measure a frame. I like it, good price too. Nice pickup.

No worries I would have just parted it out and put the frame in the shed,
All the Gefsco’s I’ve seen have been bloody nice so still good buying

52 x 54?

I have a red Gefsco Roadie 58cm ST if anyone is interested PM me. Has LA Olympics decals.