Small Ken, going cheap, ending soon.

Ken Evans Road Bike | eBay

Someone please buy this, cos I can’t, and I want it.

oh my…

Seriously, if I had any need at all for another bike I’d be grabbing this.

Oh shit Jono, buy it! Do you need some dollars???

Nah, I’m just already oversubscribed with bikes.

on this, but someone just got rid of the BIN. on the phone to the lady in east timor, trying to talk her round…

cheaper than building up that kuwahara!!





hey erle, i owe you lots of awesome.

Very noice.

“NOS Shimano 600 8 speed Derailer, and brakes. Runs 9 speed chain, and rear cluster but only has 7 gears. Just needs the shifters changed to get 8 speed”

EH? 8 speed shifters, 9 speed & cassette, that won’t index at all.

If it actually has a 9sp cassette get some 9 sp shifters as the 8 sp ones are likely knackered (and the shift throw is really long). Otherwise buy Bonder’s 10sp 105s and a cassette/chain.

yeah i wondered about that actually, will suss it out when i get it home.

wait by the phone blakey :wink:

I offered $450 long ago and he/she doesnt accept it. Oh well…


fuggin sweeeet. If I ever come to Melbs without a bike can I borrow? :wink:

I have a nice mixte you can borrow :wink:

The tachyon is the best!

But it’s a 57cm! The mixte is smaller.